What Are the Benefits of a Compliance Automation Tool?

What Are the Benefits of a Compliance Automation Tool?What Are the Benefits of a Compliance Automation Tool?
Rebecca KappelRebecca Kappel Staff asked 1 year ago

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Rebecca KappelRebecca Kappel Staff answered 1 year ago
Automated compliance tools operate in the same way as automation elsewhere. Through a combination of organized risk assessments, control evaluations, and data collection, automation streamlines the entire compliance process. Compliance automation tools most often operate in line with recognized security frameworks and compliance requirements.

What are some benefits of compliance automation technlogy?

  • Efficiency: Manual compliance work is a time waster and prone to errors. Automation streamlines compliance workloads and eliminates human error.
  • Growth: With automation, compliance will not be a killer of innovation or a barrier to new business opportunities. Instead of developing processes, and then having them nixed by security teams, automation allows a business to ensure that new workflows, lines of business, and systems are compliant and secure from the onset. 
  • Cost reduction: IT leaders acknowledge that automation reduces risk assessment costs and shrinks the time, overhead, and human resources needed for compliance processes.
  • Better evidence collection: Automated evidence collection cuts out hours of work, improves audit and certification processes, and centralizes data for cross-references between standards.
  • More effective health checks: Instead of a one-and-done approach to compliance, automated tools pursue continuous compliance efforts, addressing compliance alerts as they are detected. 
  • Enhanced visibility: Through automation, compliance and security teams achieve a sweeping view of their entire ecosystem, from internal servers to third-party vendors, and even further down the supply chain. 
  • Agility: Any worthwhile compliance automation software tool will automatically incorporate new legislation and framework updates, ensuring you aren’t caught off-guard by any unexpected changes. 
  • Bring compliance home: Rather than having to outsource and obtain legal counsel to understand and implement compliance controls, automated solutions help you get started on compliance in an intuitive, holistic way. 
  • Better business planning: Freed from manual and redundant processes, compliance teams can direct their attention to higher-level tasks.

Centraleyes: Your All-in-One Compliance Automation Platform

Centraleyesmakes compliance simpler than ever in a multitude of ways: 

  • More than fifty pre-loaded industry and regulatory frameworks and standards
  • Streamlined data collection
  • Automated scoring and tiering 
  • Smart mapping between systems. 
  • An intuitive dashboard
  • Cutting-edge visualization and reporting for both stakeholders and compliance officers
  • Single-click deployment for easy vendor management

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