Gain Full Visibility
Into Your Vendor’s Risk

Transform the way you approach vendor risk management with an all-in-one GRC solution that lets you accurately measure supplier risk at scale

Fast-Track Onboarding

Assess hundreds of vendors in record time and automatically onboard them in under 30 seconds.

Mitigate Risk

Automatically identify the highest-risk vendors and provide actionable guidance on threat mitigation

Visualize Your Ecosystem

View a live threat intelligence feed through a centralized dashboard, and effortlessly generate cutting-edge reports

The Challenge:
Increased Attack Surface from Vendors

Your ecosystem no longer ends at your network’s edge. Third party organizations are now as much a part of it as internal infrastructure. Yet while your partners and vendors are mission-critical, they also pose a critical risk to your organization.

And even if your own vendors are secure, their vendors may not be. Criminals know this. It’s why supply chain attacks are continually increasing year-over-year. 3rd party vendor management is critical to your company’s future.

Outdated, inefficient solutions and spreadsheets are no longer capable of mitigating this risk. Protecting your supply chain demands both fast remediation and accurate, real-time monitoring. It demands a solution that gives you full visibility over your vendor’s security posture and the tools to reduce their risk.

Centraleyes: Vendor Risk Management Simplified

As the world’s most advanced cloud-based integrated risk management platform, Centraleyes reimagines how businesses quantify and automate vendor risk management. It automatically aggregates data from third-party sources, real time threat intelligence, and active perimeter scanning. That data is then utilized to generate actionable insights to help you identify threats, classify high-risk vendors, and provide remediation guidance.

Automated Vendor Risk Management Top Features

Automated vendor risk assessment, workflows and alerts

Cutting-edge centralized dashboard

Advanced visual reporting for informed decision making

AI-powered planning, orchestration, and remediation

Active, simultaneous monitoring for hundreds of vendors

70+ Pre-loaded industry frameworks and standards

Vendor Risk Management Automation Key Benefits

Streamline Your Selection Process

See The Bigger Picture

Less Labor, More Resilience

Reduce Supply Chain Overhead

Infinite Scale

Achieve Supply Chain Resilience At Any Scale

Simplify and automate vendor risk management with an integrated platform that streamlines, automates, and visualizes your vendor selection process in real-time. Book a demo today to get started.

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