Next-generation Solution for Internal Risk Management

Gain full visibility and control over your internal risk management with the Centraleyes platform

The Challenge:
Legacy Processes in a Distributed Workplace

When it comes to protecting your most valuable assets, cybersecurity is only half of the equation. Risk management is every bit as important. Analyzing, quantifying, and mitigating potential threats before they become issues is critical, especially now.

Infosec teams already faced a difficult landscape before the pandemic. The cybercrime sector was already growing more sophisticated, with the emergence of new business models such as ransomware-as-a-service, while technology like the Internet of Things (IoT) resulted in
record-setting DDOS attacks and threat surfaces larger than anything we’d ever seen.

Then came the shift to remote work, and things went from difficult to overwhelming. Businesses still reliant on outdated solutions like spreadsheets and legacy risk management software quickly recognized these tools as obsolete.

Centraleyes: Internal Risk Management Simplified

Centraleyes is the most advanced cloud-based integrated risk management solution in the world. It provides your cyber risk team with everything they need to ensure better cyber resilience. The intuitive, centralized dashboard provides you with a comprehensive overview of your business’s threat landscape, along with the insights necessary to protect it.

Onboard in Minutes

Configure the platform in minutes to fit an organization’s unique structure and needs. Save hundreds of hours by onboarding users and beginning risk assessments in minutes. Scale up effortlessly as your company grows.

Automate Remediation

Automatically generate actionable remediation steps and easily implement them to actively reduce risk. Prioritize remediation and monitor progress in real-time.

Measure Compliance

Receive scores that directly measure your compliance across a variety of frameworks and best practices. Actively increase compliance through automated remediation. Leverage over 50+ pre-loaded frameworks to instantly measure how your company’s GRC program is performing.

Data Collection & Analysis

Save time and resources and remove the manual labor of data collection by collaborating with other users. Input once and apply data across frameworks with smart questionnaires and mapping to measure cyber posture against various standards.

Generate Clear Reports

Generate reports that can be understood in clear business terms to improve cooperation and strategic decision-making at board level.

Quantify Risk

With our Next-Gen proprietary automated enterprise risk register, the platform loads in risk scenarios in real time while also allowing users to manually add additional risks. Map out and define your company’s unique risk scenarios. Quantify and reduce inherent and residual risk. Use in conjunction with pre-loaded risk assessments and benefit from the efficiency of managing risk and compliance in one platform.

Top Features

Next-gen automated Risk Register

Advanced visual reporting for unmatched clarity and visibility

Top Features

Prioritized actionable remediation steps

70+ Pre-loaded industry frameworks and standards

Smart mapping between frameworks

Streamline Your Internal Risk Management With Centraleyes

Streamline Your Internal
Risk Management
With Centraleyes

Save time, increase efficiency and simplify your internal risk management with a solution that integrates, automates, and visualizes your GRC program in real-time. Book a demo today
to get started.

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