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About the Program

The Secure Africa Program by Centraleyes was designed as a way to give back to the community and help early stage startups in Africa mature their data protection practices, and bring increased security to life in a region where cyber security is not always accessible. If you are an early stage tech company based in Africa, this is your opportunity to increase your security and bring innovation to your organization.

How Does it Work

Who is eligible to apply?

Early stage tech startup based in any country in Africa

How Does it Work

What will you get?

Free annual subscription to the Centraleyes next-generation cyber risk platform, with access to our 1st-party internal risk and compliance solution, including 3 frameworks

When will you hear back?

Once we receive your application our team will review it and will be in touch with you within 14 business days

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About Centraleyes

Centraleyes Is A Next Generation GRC Platform That Gives Organizations An Unparalleled Ability To Achieve And Sustain Cyber Resilience By Streamlining And Simplifying Manual Workflows Via Automation And Orchestration. The Platform Leverages Internal And External Data Sources To Produce Real-Time, Actionable Intuitive Insights On Dashboards And Reports And Enable Its Customers To Make Smarter Strategic Decisions. This Is Truly Cyber Risk Management Reimagined.

Discover a world of comprehensive game-changing tools


Save Time

Take 90% less time to
collect data with pre-loaded
smart questionnaires,
automated workflows and
fast data collection


Get Smart

Analyze and visualize the data
with a touch of a button, gaining
an unparalleled view of your risk
and compliance levels with
insights and actionable outputs


Be Amazed

Visualize and share your
knowledge with cutting-edge
reports and dashboards built
and updated automatically
in real time

Trusted By These Great Companies

Trusted By These
Great Companies

Centraleyes enables cyber risk teams to easily create and define frameworks to fit their specific needs, or choose from tens of pre-populated integrated risk and compliance frameworks. By mapping shared controls across frameworks, Centraleyes allows for a quicker, automated compliance process.

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What Customers Say About Centraleyes

What Customers Say
About Centraleyes

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