3rd Party Risk Management

Empower 3rd party risk management with a single platform that allows you to assess, categorize and prioritize hundreds of vendors in one centralized dashboard, automating manual work and enabling continuous monitoring of your ecosystem, at scale using live threat intelligence feeds

Challenge ​

Organizations have become increasingly dependent on 3rd party vendors and supply chains to run their core business. These vendors and 3rd parties pose a critical risk to the organization that can lead to extensive damage if compromised. Cyber risk and compliance management is critical in protecting organizations from the financial, reputational and legal damage that could occur. Today there are outdated solutions and spreadsheets that are inefficient and make it impossible for cyber teams to effectively protect their organizations on an ongoing basis and at scale


The Centraleyes cloud-based platform reimagines vendor risk management to help organizations achieve and sustain cyber resilience and compliance, with their supply chain and 3rd parties. Using the Centraleyes platform, organizations save time and resources while increasing security and resilience. Through the platform organizations can continuously assess, categorize and prioritize hundreds of vendors in one centralized dashboard. Using automated workflows, survey collections and live threat intelligence, Centraleyes is the only hybrid vendor risk solution that ensures constant update of any security gaps in a vendor’s risk profile and allows for faster and more efficient remediation

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Save Time

Onboard new vendors in under 30 seconds and collect data at scale. With Centraleyes’s automated workflows it is simple to assess hundreds of vendors in record time


Get Smart

The platform uses a hybrid risk
approach, to automatically
provide a clear view of the highest risk vendors, with actionable guidance on how to mitigate gaps


Be Amazed

Visualize and share your
knowledge with unparalleled
cutting-edge reports and dashboards built and updated automatically in real time

Centraleyes provides everything an organization needs to manage their 3rd-party cyber risk and
compliance in one single platform. It truly is vendor risk management reimagined

What Customers Say
About Centraleyes

What Customers Say About Centraleyes

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