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In recent years, insurance companies have gone through a digital transformation process, improving their portfolio offerings and getting easier access to sensitive and valuable digital assets. But with these improvements, critical challenges were created as well.

Cybercriminals target insurance companies due to the highly sensitive data they retain, including financial and medical information. Attackers are constantly seeking new vulnerabilities to exploit and finding new tactics to monetize their attacks. When they succeed, they can quickly cause enormous losses before the defenders learn to detect and prevent the new attacks. Regulators react by issuing new rules and guidance, and companies scramble to comply. Insurers need to comply with a constantly shifting, complex web of state and federal privacy regulations. 

These companies are struggling to effectively manage their risk and compliance and fail to mitigate the gaps. They are using inefficient solutions like outdated GRC tools and manual spreadsheets, which are not effective in this complex and dynamic risk and compliance environment, creating a lot of manual work while causing frustration among risk and security teams. In addition, there is a lot of uncertainty among executives who struggle to understand the risk in business terms.

The Centraleyes risk management platform enables insurance companies to automate and orchestrate all of their cyber risk and compliance tasks, including data collection, analysis and reporting. The platform aligns the organization with the relevant industry leading frameworks such as NIST, ISO, HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, and NYDFS, all in a single pane of glass. 

With Centraleyes, insurance companies can achieve better security for their customers and partners, while meeting relevant industry regulatory requirement:

Unmatched Automation

Automate data collection and analysis using smart surveys and questionnaires, live data feeds and external threat intelligence. The platform enhances the speed and accuracy of your risk and compliance activities by using advanced AI-powered workflows, automated remediation planning and other super cool features we’ve built to help you identify and prioritize the gaps, while creating actionable remediation steps.

Cutting-Edge Visualization

Intuitive and automatic visualization tools that present impactful industry insights and over-time operational progress, with actionable dashboards and reporting for ongoing clarity and transparency. 

Effortless Compliance

Extensive, pre-loaded industry leading frameworks and standards in our extensive library that enables fast and easy data collection, automated scoring and tiering and control crosswalking for significant time and resources savings when you need to manage a number of frameworks in parallel.

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