Cover Your Entire Environment With Centraleyes’s Risk Application Assessments

The Centraleyes platform can be leveraged to run application assessments for various apps and software that are running in your environment.

The platform allows you to oversee each one of these applications as a single entity within the organization. Each entity can have a single or multiple different assessments running on them.

Adding these assessments is simple with just a few clicks: to add an app you simply choose the platform you want to assess, mark the relevant framework and within seconds you can run an assessment on any application in your environment.

The application assessment will give you full visibility to all relevant data collected in the platform, from manual offline sources such as surveys, questionnaires, artifacts and evidence, to automated connections and integrations of online tools in the network, giving you a clear posture of where each application stands from a risk perspective.

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Once you see the risk score for each application, you are also able to mitigate and minimize the risks that are found.