Communicate Cyber Risk With Your Executives in an Intuitive, Beautifully Visualized Board Reporting

The Centraleyes Boardview module is a game-changer in Executive Reporting! The platform allows you to create faster, better and more comprehensive executive cyber risk and compliance reports for a non-technical executive audience.

The Boardview module consists of 5 focus areas: Risk Score, Compliance Status, Threat Level, Monitoring and Operational. For each layer you can go in and get a deeper and more granular look into the data to understand the trend analysis and how things are functioning within the organization. For example, you can get at a NIST function breakdown with quarter-over-quarter correlation in a clear, concise table or in beautifully visualized diagrams.

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The Monitoring view gives you the attack funnels with the type of attacks, proactive measures and more context into the quarter-over-quarter breakdown, allowing you again to see your trend analysis.

These incredibly intuitive reports assist in better communicating cyber risk with your executives and show to them exactly where your organization stands today, where it is trending and what needs to be done to make sure your organization is on the right path moving forward.

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