Use-Cases for the Centraleyes Platform

Centraleyes provides critical risk and compliance management
solutions for a host of companies and uses

Centraleyes provides critical risk and compliance management solutions for a host of companies and uses

Internal Risk Management

Internal risk management thrives with accurate risk quantification, mitigation, and remediation of inherent and residual risks. Centraleyes’ comprehensive risk assessments enable you to identify risks, prioritize them via our automated Risk Register, track remediation, and generate informative progress reports with ease. 

Save time, increase efficiency, and simplify your internal risk management with a next-gen solution that integrates, automates, and prioritizes your risk management strategy.

Compliance Management

Centraleyes releases the pressure from compliance management and makes the process simpler than ever before. With our centralized platform, you can manage every facet of your compliance process to ensure you’re continuously meeting industry standards and regulations.

With ever-changing privacy laws and compliance requirements, you need an up-to-date automated tool to help you achieve certification, meet requirements and streamline audit preparation.

Vendor Risk Management

Third-party vendors are an extension of your business. Often, they are granted access to the most sensitive corporate data. 

Achieve resilience with your vendors and their supply chain- at scale. Centraleyes combines automated scanning, third- and fourth-party risk assessments, and facilitates due-diligence from the onboarding process and beyond.

Executive Reporting

Successful governance of risk management requires full visibility and understanding of business-level risk to make data driven decisions. Keep your leadership team well informed to improve the decision making process with Centraleyes. Turn complex technical risk into intuitive visual reports that highlight your company’s business risk exposure through empirical trends, financial quantification, and business assets.

Cyber Insurance Risk Management

The future of cyber insurance is here
Measuring the cumulative loss of cyber risk is a big challenge. Automate and orchestrate risk assessment and mitigation to accurately calculate cyber risk exposure.

With Centraleyes, you will benefit from a revolutionary approach to cyber insurance by streamlining application processes, increasing approval rates, lowering insurance premiums, and building cyber resilience.


The governance, risk, and compliance shortcomings of a potential investment can quickly impact your ROI. A careless acquisition could lead to cybersecurity challenges, value destruction, and future growth. At the same time, in a dynamic market, you cannot afford to spend months evaluating risk.

You need to ensure your acquisition targets don’t put your business at risk. You also need to move the M&A process along as quickly as possible. Achieve both at scale with Centraleyes.

Portfolio Management

Unmitigated cyber risks can have a considerable impact on your portfolio. Not only can they reduce the value of your current investments, they also make it more difficult to assess new opportunities.

Save hundreds of hours when it comes to gathering data, quantifying, and managing portfolio risk with Centraleyes—a fully automated, single cutting-edge solution that streamlines third-party risk management at scale.


Partnering with the wrong organizations can expose some of your business’s most valuable assets. If you don’t have a means of keeping partners accountable too, you are at risk.

Centraleyes revolutionizes how businesses quantify and manage partner risk. By combining third-party threat intelligence with real-time data and active perimeter scanning, the platform gives you a complete picture of your and your partner’s risk profile, generating actionable insights on risk management and remediation.

Risk & Compliance Consultants

Whether you’re assessing overall risk or providing remediation advice, the more you know about a client, the better. Unfortunately, performing a manual evaluation can be incredibly time-consuming. Especially at scale, you need to modernize.

Centraleyes enables consultants to deploy a next-generation advisory risk management service that can quantify, prioritize, and mitigate operational risks at scale, providing the tools needed to empower your clients to actively lower their own risk, meet compliance, and gain greater visibility into their risk exposure.

Advisory Risk Management Insurance

Differentiate your insurance firm by seamlessly deploying a cyber risk advisory platform to support your cyber insurance clients using Centraleyes.

Centraleyes reduces your client’s risk exposure and claims, gathers actionable insights, and provides them with tools to actively lower their risk and meet compliance.


Centraleyes makes it easy for you to manage your entire client base using a centralized platform. Centraleyes provides an intuitive, sophisticated white-label risk management solution for both you and your clients. Stand out from other service providers with streamlined onboarding, cutting-edge data visualization, executive-level reporting, risk scoring, and more.

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