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Internal Risk and Compliance ​

Empower cyber risk and compliance management in a single powerful platform, that helps automate and orchestrate all of the manual work around data collection, analysis and remediation

Challenge ​

Organizations across industries are affected by the growing number and complexity of cyber attacks increasing year over year. Cyber risk and compliance management is critical in protecting organizations from the financial, repetitional and legal damage. Proper cyber defense can only be achieved by analyzing, quantifying, and mitigating internal risk, while ensuring compliance with relevant standards and regulations. Outdated solutions like spreadsheets and old GRC systems are inefficient and make it impossible for cyber teams to effectively protect their organizations


The Centraleyes cloud-based platform reimagines risk management to help organizations achieve and sustain cyber resilience and compliance, saving time and resources while creating a much more powerful cyber risk and compliance program. Centraleyes enables cyber risk teams to manage all of their assessments and reports across multiple environments in one centralized and comprehensive platform. It provides pre-populated industry leading frameworks and standards that are mapped to questionnaires and surveys, security tool integrations and live external threat intelligence

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Save Time

Take 90% less time to
collect data with pre-loaded
smart questionnaires,
automated workflows and
fast data collection


Get Smart

Analyze and visualize the data
with a touch of a button, gaining
an unparalleled view of your risk
and compliance levels with
insights and actionable outputs


Be Amazed

Visualize and share your
knowledge with cutting-edge
reports and dashboards built
and updated automatically
in real time

Centraleyes provides everything an organization needs to manage their cyber risk and
compliance in one single platform. It truly is Risk Management Reimagined

What Customers Say
About Centraleyes

What Customers Say About Centraleyes

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