Turn Complex Cyber Risk Into Executive-Level Insights

Risk management may be complex, but your reports don’t need to be. Keep the C-Suite engaged and take a data-driven approach to budget allocation with Centraleyes.

Context, Meaning, Engagement

Generate cutting-edge reports designed to be understood by a non-technical audience, and provide leadership with a meaningful picture of risk

Custom Risks and Goals

Set targets and assign tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines. Leverage intuitive risk scoring that incorporates both real-time and historic data

Better Remediation

Automatically identify potential threats and remediation tasks and keep leadership in the loop throughout the entire process

The Challenge:
Understanding the Technical
Language of Risk Management

Cyber risk management is incredibly complex, especially in the current landscape.

You cannot allow that complexity to impede visibility. You need to provide
executive-level reports that convey your organization’s risk management targets, progress, and shortcomings. And you need to ensure that they can understand those reports. It’s a difficult balancing act – and one in which many businesses fall short.

Centraleyes: Executive-Level Cyber Reports Simplified

As the world’s most advanced cloud-based risk management solution, Centraleyes bridges the gap between leadership and cyber risk professionals. From its centralized dashboard, it’s easy to set goals and measure progress through a combination of both real-time and historic data. The platforms executive-level reporting is designed to be consumable for non-technical audiences, making it easy to provide a financial interpretation of risk.

Centraleyes Features

Go From Onboarding To Customized Reports In Minutes

Get onboarded in as little as 60 seconds, giving you access to 70+ pre-loaded frameworks for all your data reporting needs. Centraleyes makes it easy for you to create customizable reports designed specifically for your executive teams.

Save countless hours converting data into executive-level insights

70+ Pre-loaded industry frameworks and standards

Use Smart Mapping to automatically measure compliance against other frameworks and standards

Automate The Entire Reporting Process

Automate The Entire
Reporting Process

Centraleyes simplifies data collection and analysis, allowing you to automatically create reports that show measurable progress. Save hundreds of hours by automating the collection and analysis of technical risk through one cutting-edge, visual dashboard. Understand your risk posture in real-time, track progress, and minimize your exposure to risk with automatically generated remediation steps and insights.

Create customized reports based on the data you collect through your risk assessments and ongoing remediation efforts

Ensure cybersecurity investments are continuously improving with deep insights into current and historical performance

Gain full visibility into the exact actions your organization is taking to improve security and compliance

Simplify Executive-Level Reporting

Save resources using automated analysis and report tools that allow you to track progress over time. Maximize executive-level support with easily comprehensible reports that highlight how cyber risk is affecting your business. Break data down into visual reports that represent your current state of affairs, so you can make informed decisions and get executive-level support.

Identify the total cost of your risk while discovering potential cost savings from further investments into cybersecurity and compliance

Convert technical risk into business risk with quantifiable metrics and industry benchmarks through empirical data trends and intuitive scoring systems

Convert compliance investments from a cost center into a business enabler with the ability to measure your progress towards individual compliance standards

Key Benefits



Quantification and Remediation



Engage Your Leadership
With Centraleyes

Your executive and board members need to be involved in your risk management efforts. Centraleyes helps you ensure that they are through advanced, intuitive executive-level reporting.

Book your demo today to get started.

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