Boardview Risk Management

Reporting functionality focused on board risk including financial interpretation of risk, budget allocations and prioritization of remediation steps

Challenge ​

As cyber attacks increase in frequency and severity, board cyber risk committees are increasingly demanding greater visibility to their organization’s cyber risk posture. Providing meaningful data that demonstrates progressive enhancements in your security posture provides a challenge for Risk Management & Cyber Security leaders


The Centraleyes platform addresses this challenge by providing executive level reporting designed to be consumable for non-technical audiences, allowing them to easily grasp your firm’s current risk management posture and the practices being taken to consistently improve upon it

Benefits for Executives & Board Members


Meet fiduciary

by quickly ascertaining your firm’s measures to guard against cyber attacks ​


summarized data

that enables informed and more productive conversations with the firm’s Cyber Security and Risk Management leadership ​


Identify areas

that need improvement and potential investments and practices to address those

Benefits For Risk Management & Cyber Security Leaders

Deliver meaningful data that executives and board members can easily consume and incorporate into your risk management conversations and save over 50% of the time it would regularly take you ​

Demonstrate periodic progress against cyber risk management goals and the practices such as cyber training, investments in technology, etc., contributing to these advancements​

Provide data-driven business cases for additional investments to further protect the firm’s critical assets

What Customers Say About Centraleyes

What Customers Say
About Centraleyes

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