Achieve Regulatory Compliance at Scale With Centraleyes

Ensure you meet compliance with advanced automation, orchestration, and analytics on the Centraleyes platform

Fast-Track Compliance

Onboard in minutes, leverage more than 70+ pre-loaded frameworks and evaluate your GRC progress through comprehensive risk scoring

Simplify Data Collection

Collaborate across departments to collect evidence. Close gaps and track progress through the remediation center

Stay Current

A real-time dashboard provides full visibility as well as customized, industry-specific news feeds, regulation updates and alerts

The Challenge:
Keeping Up with Compliance

With technology rapidly evolving and the growing complexity of the threat landscape, regulations and privacy laws are in constant flux. Keeping up with new data privacy legislation, new attacks and threats increases the worry of noncompliance penalties, fines, operational and reputational damage.

When compliance management processes are implemented with a narrow view in response to specific threats or events, silos are created. This approach lacks communication and functionality. It doesn’t take into account the bigger picture of systems, roles and their synergy.

Modern GRC requires a level of organization-wide alignment and agility that cannot be achieved through a spreadsheet. It requires efficient, real-time monitoring, evaluation and remediation evaluation and remediation, to remain compliant in a dynamic atmosphere.

Centraleyes: Compliance Management Simplified

Centraleyes reimagines compliance management, blending automation, artificial intelligence, orchestration, and the cloud to make regulatory compliance simpler than it’s ever been. Through an intuitive, centralized dashboard, it empowers you to manage every facet of your compliance efforts. More importantly, it ensures you always apply current legislation.

Automated Vendor Risk Management Top Features

70+ Pre-loaded industry frameworks and standards

Smart questionnaires, integrations and mapping

AI-powered automated remediation

Advanced visual reporting

Automated workflows and alerts

Real-time threat intelligence and visibility

Compliance Management Key Benefits

Save Hundreds of Hours

Increase Efficiency, Eliminate Manual Processes

Full Visibility, Full Control

Compliance, Simplified. Experience Centraleyes Today

Regulatory compliance can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t need to seem. With Centraleyes, it simply becomes one more facet of a streamlined, intuitive, and efficient risk management strategy.

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