Welcome To The
Centraleyes Platform

Centraleyes is a powerful no code, cloud-native risk management platform that allows organizations to better measure, track and mitigate their cyber risk and compliance. Centraleyes is changing the world of GRC by empowering its customers to implement and onboard in a single day, automate and orchestrate data collection and analysis, and make smarter strategic decisions with real-time dashboards and reports.

Welcome to the Centraleyes Platform

1st Party

Managing your organization’s internal risk and compliance

Empower cyber risk and compliance management with one powerful platform that helps automate the entire lifecycle starting with data collection and following through to analysis and remediation

​With Centraleyes, risk and security managers are freed from tedious, repetitive labor to focus on strategic priorities and business success

3rd Party

Managing your organization’s 3rd party risk

Empower 3rd party risk management with our powerful platform that automates and oversees your evolving vendor risk. The platform’s state of the art automated on-boarding solution supports a new and existing vendor risk program at scale


Reporting risk program management to the board and senior executives

Reporting functionality focused on board risk including financial interpretation of risk, budget allocations and prioritization of remediation steps

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Start Getting Value With
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What Customers Say About Centraleyes

What Customers Say
About Centraleyes

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