You’ve Been Hacked: Roskomnadzor

Ukrainian anonymous hacking group, appropriately called Anonymous, announced over Twitter this week that they had breached and leaked the Roskomnadzor database sharing over 360K files and two large databases of HR procedures with the public.

The Roskomnadzor is the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media who control (and allegedly censor) the country’s electronic media, mass communications, information technology and telecommunications. 

After Russia’s strict censorship including the blocking of Twitter and Facebook, Russia is concerned that this leak will unveil the absurd details of the invasion of Ukraine not only to the global stage, but to the residents of Russia whose exposure has been so carefully filtered. 

Users on Twitter reported that Russian police are allegedly stopping Russian citizens in the streets to read their messages and arrest them if they refuse. One Twitter user, @thegrugq, reminded Russian citizens to apply the disappearing message feature to their chats or delete conversations after they’ve finished. 

This bizarre turn of events can only remind us of how important the developing data privacy laws and security controls are and what an impactful role they play across the world. 

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