Top UAE Cybersecurity Conferences

Organizations across all industries are becoming increasingly aware of the need for modern cybersecurity techniques to protect their digital assets. Ransomware and cyber crimes overall are reaching new heights, increasing by 600% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, cybersecurity professionals need to learn new tactics to prevent costly damage to their enterprises. 

The United Arab Emirates is hosting some of the most important cybersecurity conferences in 2022. So open up your calendar and add these events to ensure you stay up on the latest strategies and studies about cybersecurity.

Top UAE Cybersecurity Conferences in 2022

1. 13th Annual e-Crime & Cybersecurity Congress

March 7, 2022

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The long-running cybersecurity congress aims to address next-generation technology for next-generation threats. Old cybersecurity techniques fail to adapt to the ever-increasing network perimeter caused by IoT, cloud computing, and hybrid work. 

As the boundaries blur, are new technologies the answer? The conference poses meaningful questions: 

  • What would modern cybersecurity look like if we started with a clean slate? 
  • How should prominent vendors like Microsoft and Salesforce protect users and enterprises from threats?
  • What new skill sets should cybersecurity professionals adopt?
  • How can we secure a new world that’s embracing digital currencies?

The conference will include real-world case studies and technical discussions from reputable security and privacy experts to tackle these critical questions.

2. 21st International Conference on Cryptology and Network Security (CANS)

November 13-16, 2022

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Cryptology is an essential aspect of cybersecurity, and the 21st annual CANS conference focuses on all aspects of its applications, including computer security, networking, and data protection. 

The conference will showcase breakthroughs and leading-edge research from the world’s most well-respected researchers in the field of cryptology. In addition, attendees will learn new strategies and tactics to help apply these breakthroughs to improve their organizations’ cybersecurity.

The conference will be a hybrid event in collaboration with the Technology Innovation Institution.

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3. International Conference on Data Analytics, Cybersecurity and Cryptography

June 27-28, 2022 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The International Conference on Data Analytics, Cybersecurity and Cryptography is hosted by the International Research Conference, a federated organization, and aims to bring together a diverse group of scholars to present groundbreaking research on the chosen topics.

Scientists, researchers, and scholars in data analytics, cybersecurity, and cryptography have been selected to present new research and experiences to help advance each field and promote interdisciplinary information that attendees can put into action. 

The conference has also teamed up with a Special Journal Issue on Data Analytics, Cybersecurity and Cryptography to present 15 high-impact papers ranging from machine learning to detect fraud to privacy protection principles of an omnichannel approach. 

4. International Conference on Cybersecurity

August 16-17, 2022

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hosted by the International Research Conference, the conference aims to cover all aspects of cybersecurity with expert speakers, including scholars, researchers, and academics. Topics will cover emerging trends and technologies that impact the field of cybersecurity.

Similar to the above conference, 15 research papers will be presented in association with the Special Journal Issue on Cybersecurity. Topics will include performance analysis of traffic classification with machine learning and context-aware anomaly behavior analysis of smart home systems. 

Attendees will learn theoretical research and practical applications of emerging technologies to assist them in their current and future roles.

5. International Conference on Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity

November 10-11, 2022

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hosted by the same organization as the previous two conferences, The International Research Conference, this conference aims to address all aspects of cloud computing and cybersecurity. The conference will bring together diverse scholars, researchers, and scientists to present new studies and innovations to advance the field of cybersecurity and cloud computing.

The Special Journal Issue on Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity has selected fifteen impactful research papers for presentation at the conference. Topics include stock movement prediction using price factor and deep learning, feature analysis of predictive maintenance models, and comparative analysis of machine learning tools. 

6. Information Security and Data Management Training

June 13-18, 2022

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Purporting that the lack of security skills in today’s technological environments has reached a crisis point, this training-focused conference aims to impart leading-edge skills to attendees. 

The conference is hosted by the Skills for Africa Training Institute and will teach attendees practical security skills, risk management and security metrics, and developing crisis communication skills, among many more. 

The five-day conference contains eight modules led by seasoned experts who have direct experience in the field. The conference fee includes tuition, materials, and lunch. 

7. Cybertech Global Conference 2022

June 13-14, 2022

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As the largest in-person networking event for the cybersecurity industry, the Cybertech Global Conference will highlight the cybersecurity industry’s latest challenges and solutions. 

The cutting-edge conference gathers thousands of C-level executives to bring new market opportunities to light, including major corporations, startups, private firms, venture capital firms, academia, and government entities. 

The massive conference has historically hosted 85,000 attendees, 1,500 speakers, and over 500 delegations. This is undoubtedly one of the most influential conferences for the cybersecurity industry.

8. The 2nd Annual CyberX Qatar Summit

June 1-2, 2022

Doha, Qatar

The hybrid event will take place in-person and virtually to allow attendees worldwide to benefit from the presentations from cybersecurity leaders and technology innovators. 

The two-day event includes panel discussions, fire-side chats, and keynote presentations to explore the current state of cybersecurity and future trends that will affect organizations and businesses. 

9. Cyber Security Special Interest Group Webinar

May 25, 2022


The organization’s virtual webinar titled “Revisiting Cyber Resilience in the Shadow of PIPEDREAM” will examine the state of cybersecurity in the energy sector, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. 

PIPEDREAM is a specific malware designed to compromise industrial control devices widely used in the energy industry. This virtual event will contain speakers with firsthand experience facing PIPEDREAM and other cyber attacks that are becoming increasingly common in the energy sector.

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