Securing from the Inside Out

Take your mind off of Log4j momentarily and consider a vastly different vulnerability. Garret Metal detectors, a worldwide leader in metal detection technology, has been hacked. And not their systems or networks, but the actual metal detectors themselves!

Garret have admitted that hackers have remotely exploited the walk-through detectors via a component that enables network connectivity. In one of nine CVEs, all discovered by Cisco Talos, the threat actors enter via an exposed discovery service on UDP port 6977, broadcast a uniquely-crafted UDP package and force a response containing sensitive information. This response provides enough information to enable a buffer-overflow attack, where actors can execute code remotely, before authentication kicks in. 

These metal detectors are used around the world by banks, museums, schools, government and sports venues. The consequences of a compromised metal detector are serious, and Garret recommends administrators of walk-through Garrett Metal detectors should update their iC Module CMA software to the most recent version available. 

Attackers will need network access to exploit the CVEs, so insider threats are the concern. CISA recently warned organizations to defend against insider risk. Centraleyes recommends the following steps:

  • Understand the nature of insider threats to create an effective prevention and mitigation program
  • Utilize CISA’s Insider Risk Mitigation Self-Assessment Tool to determine risk posture
  • Implement a vendor management program to assess and reduce risk from vendors and third-parties
  • Continuously update software and hardware to the latest versions

Consequences of insider threats include compromised data, damage to your companies reputation, financial loss, stolen intellectual property, reduced market share, and in Garrets’ case, even physical harm to people.

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