Ransomware Shuts Down US Prison

Ransomware is always consequential to the company experiencing the attack, but in this case, the staff and inmates of the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in New Mexico were left in physical danger after the attackers disabled security cameras, controls servers and all internet access across the prison.

The takedown of the servers disabled many crucial security controls, leaving the staff to manually unlock doors and limit the inmates ability to leave their cells. The attack is part of a larger scale operation that has affected the whole county, including real estate transactions, issuing of marriage licenses, and the registering of voters.

With this reminder of how heavily reliant they are on network connectivity and access to their systems, it’s safe to speculate that the MDC and other prisons around the world will be intensely reviewing their disaster recovery and business continuity plans. 

A comprehensive risk assessment will help the MDC evaluate risk scenarios and prioritise according to the impact and likelihood. The likelihood of ransomware is constantly growing across all industries and the impact in this case is Extremely High. With the results clearly visible, decisions can be made and procedures put in place to deal effectively and swiftly with worst-case scenarios.

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