Nullmixer Malware Madness

Using a single Windows executable file, Nullmixer infects devices with 12 different streams of malware, all at the same time. This new malware launcher preys on Google searchers looking for software cracks- an illegal activity causing copyright infringement. With promises of codes and access to new features, victims are lured into downloading executable files that then run the Nullmixer malware on their machine.

Amongst the generous malware gifts are password-stealing trojans, backdoors, spyware, bankers, fake Windows system cleaners, clipboard hijackers, cryptocurrency miners, and even further malware loaders. Kaspersky report that NullMixer has attempted infections across the globe in the United States, Germany, France, Italy, India, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, and Egypt, on a total of 47,778 of its customers!

It has been noted that the dropping of so many malware families is unusual and certainly doesn’t make for a subtle intrusion. Observers have speculated that this tactic may be a way to fame, to make a big splash within the active malware world. Dealing with these forms of malware will mean reinstalling all of Windows- maximum ramifications for minimum effort.

Downloading executable files from suspicious or obscure websites is never a good idea- don’t allow your desire for a code or game feature to cloud your judgment!

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