New From CyGov – Creation of a Proprietary Cyber Resilience Resource Center

In response to the epic Coronavirus threat, CyGov has created a unique cyber risk resilience management resource and made it available free of charge to all.

Message from CEO Yair Solow

As a deadly pathogen sweeps the globe, our first thought is for the health and safety of our customers, friends and their families. It’s a time to be caring and disciplined—and to be alert to the rise in attempted cyber attacks.

The reality is that malicious actors do not rest. Right now they are exploiting the impact of the Coronavirus by launching new cyber attacks and campaigns. Some nation-states see the pandemic as an invitation to attack their rivals. Meanwhile, companies that assign employees to remote locations may be inadvertently compromising systems and data. Working from home often means using devices that are not properly protected from attack, exposing entire organizations to profound risk.

For these extraordinary circumstances, CyGov has paused everyday operations and formed a Coronavirus task force. This team has created a new risk management framework open to all organizations caught in the crisis. The new framework—based on the NIST 800-46 and built into CyGov’s unique risk management platform—enables business leaders to better manage cyber security systems under today’s abnormal conditions.

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As unprecedented numbers of employees work off-site, our new framework contains a proprietary set of rules governing risks pertaining to a redeployed workforce. It creates a unique lens for threats generated by the pandemic and ensures that an organization uses best practices to manage them.

Through our risk management platform and this new framework, business leaders can quickly survey readiness for remote working and personal device use. With our guidance, they can mitigate cyber risk by enacting best practices for these abnormal times. Both current customers and non-customers can use our platform to identify, monitor and prepare for risks—all free of charge.

One of our key priorities is to keep the cyber community informed and prepared. We’ve also opened up, free of charge, an intelligence news feed to keep organizations up to date on emerging cyber threats, relevant developments and attempted breaches—all in real time around the outbreak of the virus.

This will provide users with a comparative context for their own analysis, preparation and actions.

In the coming days our Coronavirus task force will release additional resources to help users deepen their understanding of unfolding threats and the best security-enhancing measures.

Our role—as cyber security experts —is to help customers and other organizations manage risk during challenging times. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to step up and do everything we can. As day-to-day issues evolve, we feel obligated to share our expertise and honored to be able to do so.

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