Flash Webinar: Don’t Keep Your Head in the Clouds – How to Protect Yourself from Virtual Risk

In todays world where many organizations have adopted and migrated most of their activity to the cloud, Cloud Risk Management couldn’t be more crucial.

Companies embrace cloud-based solutions, such as AWS, Azure and G-suite for their daily business activities, creating new operational playing fields with many advantages, but with more vulnerabilities as well.

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Although most cloud services have some levels of security, misconfigured cloud servers can be a back door for a data breach. Once you deploy these solutions, you are the one truly responsible for the protection of your organizations data and valuable assets.

Watch this webinar session where Centraleyes’s Founder and CEO, Yair Solow, and his special guest TJ Gonen, Head of Cloud Security Products at Check Point, engage in an intriguing conversation about how Cloud Security and the roles associated with it have changed, why security has to be 100% automated and what are some best practices on how to make sure you keep your head on the ground and protect yourself from evolving cloud risks.

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