CyGov Appointed Michelle Offir Geveye as Marketing Lead

CyGov has announced the appointment of Michelle Offir Geveye as the new Marketing Lead for the company last month. Michelle will be heading CyGov’s Global Marketing team and taking over its marketing activities to bring new initiatives and expand on current marketing efforts.

Michelle has a unique background that combines extensive IT and Marketing experience as a former IDF officer and a leading manager at her previous roles. At her previous role in UST Global, a California-based Fortune-500 IT Partner and Consulting company, she served under the CCO as a Marketing and Business Development Lead, heading multiple initiatives in Digital Transformation for the Global New Business team.

Prior to joining CyGov, Michelle joined a cutting-edge technology company, where she worked on numerous projects and initiatives for its global marketing efforts.

Michelle Offir Geveye commented: “I am extremely excited and motivated to join this incredible team of professionals to lead the marketing team and drive our marketing initiatives to the next level. CyGov’s Centraleyes™ platform is a truly unique, innovative, and beautiful product that takes Integrated Risk Management to a whole new level, and I look forward to being a part of CyGov’s amazing journey.”

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