Coca-Cola Breach: The Real Thing? 

The infamous Stormous ransomware gang claims to have breached Coca Cola’s servers, stealing 161 GB of data. The hackers have advertised the data for sale on their dark-web site, asking approximately $64,000 in BTC, and notifying the public that although this data is available for sale back to the company, other stolen data will still be leaked as usual. How reassuring.

A poll taken by Stormous on their Telegram channel shows a highly anti-Western stance with a large showing of support for Russia. 

Plenty of PII (personally identifiable information), admin details and account information has allegedly been stolen but the question is: Did they manage to get the secret Coca-Cola recipe? Something tells me we would have heard. 

With no sign of having encrypted the site of the attack, ransomware seems unlikely. Coca Cola are continuing to investigate the allegations of a breach together with law enforcement and are yet to confirm that it took place. Let’s hope in this case it’s not the Real Thing.

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