Centraleyes Updates Newly Released CMMC 2.0 in its Framework Library

Centraleyes is excited to announce the upgrade of the new CMMC version 2.0 in its extensive framework library.

This new version released by the CMMC replaces version 1.02 and includes only 3 levels as opposed to 5 levels in the older version: Level 1 (Foundational)- the same as previous level 1, Level 2 (Advanced)- previous level 3, and Level 3 (Expert)- previous level 5.

Centraleyes has mapped the new CMMC version to update the existing framework and reflect the changes in these three levels.

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The Department of Defense (DoD) created the DOD CMMC certification protocol to ensure that contractors have the safeguards in place to protect confidential data such as Federal Contract Information and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

Organizations who wish to do business with the US Department of Defense must comply with CMMC. It requires third-party verification of contractor security and demands that all companies in their supply chain handle their partners with the same diligence.

The Centraleyes platform eases the process towards meeting CMMC compliance by using its integrated and newly updated CMMC version 2.0 questionnaire with an easy follow-up system to help track and close vulnerable areas.

The platform also allows users to start an assessment around the NIST 800-171 framework, while walking you through all the requirements that need to be met for this prerequisite.

Centraleyes enables organizations to exchange data across various systems throughout their networks, saving time and money and allowing for more accurate and reliable data.

Learn more: https://www.centraleyes.com/dod-cmmc/