Centraleyes Partners with Netsurit, Leading Global IT and Digital Transformation Managed Service Provider

Centraleyes announces its latest strategic partnership with New York-based, global IT and digital transformation managed service provider, Netsurit.

Netsurit is now offering the Centraleyes next generation GRC platform as their primary solution for cyber risk management, and as part of their extensive IT managed services portfolio. Partnering with Netsurit sets another major milestone in Centraleyes’s strategic expansion goals, as they continue to gain rapid global GRC market share. 

Headquartered in New York, Netsurit has a proven track record of stabilizing, innovating and optimizing the design and implementation of a wide variety of IT environments. Netsurit has been internationally recognized as one of the Top Managed Service Providers since 2009. Their overarching expertise puts them at the top of Microsoft and Dell’s partner ecosystems.

The Centraleyes platform will provide Netsurit’s customers with unparalleled ability to achieve and sustain cyber resilience and compliance. The platform enables customers to onboard and implement the solution in a single day. Once live, the platform streamlines and simplifies the collection and analysis of data via automation and orchestration of both internal and external data sources. Lastly, the Centraleyes platform produces real-time, intuitive dashboards, which convert the risk into clear and actionable reports. 

Centraleyes CEO Yair Solow said: “This is a very existing partnership, where we can  balance our very unique technology with a great services partner.” 

Orrin Klopper, Netsurit CEO commented: “Cybercrime is here and ignoring the dangers it poses to your business could prove detrimental to your business, which is why we are very excited to partner with Centraleyes and their next-generation GRC to help clients enhance their protection. With Centraleyes we now have a cyber risk management platform that equips organizations with the most advanced tools available to achieve and sustain cyber resilience and compliance”

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About Centraleyes:

Centraleyes is a next generation GRC platform that gives organizations an unparalleled understanding of their cyber risk and compliance. Centraleyes provides an exceptional ability to see, understand and react to growing risks and gaps, in a place where other solutions are ineffective, utilizing smart surveys and questionnaires, live threat intelligence feeds and automated remediation planning. The platform addresses the primary use cases of internal risk, compliance management, supply chain and vendor risk, and executive reporting. Centraleyes’s customers have automated and orchestrated their GRC function, to the point where it is 10x faster and 10x better. This is truly cyber risk management reimagined.

About Netsurit:

Netsurit is a global Managed Services Provider that delivers remarkable results. The company ensures your business-critical apps and infrastructure are always on, secure, and resilient. Netsurit helps you accelerate growth, increase productivity and drive business excellence through digital transformation and innovation. With headquarters in New York and Johannesburg, Netsurit provides Managed Services for organizations of all sizes. Its culture is based on the tenet, “Supporting the Dreams of the Doers.” Netsurit has been internationally recognized as one of the top Managed Service Providers since 2009.