Centraleyes Maps PCI DSS to its Expanding Control Inventory

Centraleyes announces the addition of PCI DSS to its extensive framework library.

The PCI DSS refers to any entity that stores, manages or transmits cardholder data, such as retailers, banks, distributors, developers and point-of-sale vendors. It refers to the technical and operational system components found in or linked to cardholder information.

PCI DSS outlines common-sense protection measures that are aligned with industry best practices and is guided by twelve specifications.

The Centraleyes platform delivers streamlined, automated data collection and analysis, prioritized remediation guidance, and real-time customized scoring to meet the PCI DSS requirements.

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Does your company need to be compliant with PCI DSS?

PCI enforcement is not only a legal obligation to deter identity fraud, but it also provides best practices for identifying, preventing and resolving data breaches. PCI compliance can often prevent a data breach in which cardholder data is exposed.

If an organization fails to maintain standards and a data breach occurs as a result of PCI non-compliance, the card networks will levy a fine.

Centraleyes makes the PCI DSS compliance procedure easier for customers by offering everything needed for full compliance from start to finish, including all self-assessment questionnaires (SAQ).

In addition, Centraleyes has mapped back the PCI DSS questionnaire to its control inventory allowing it to share data across multiple frameworks through the platform, which creates time savings, money savings, and more accurate data.

Learn more: https://www.centraleyes.com/pci-dds/

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