Centraleyes Integrates OWASP MASVS to its Framework Library

Centraleyes is happy to announce the addition of OWASP MASVS security standard to its expanding framework library.

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a non-profit international organization dedicated to improving the security of web applications. The Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) is an OWASP project that serves as a standard that can be utilized by developers and mobile software engineers attempting to develop secure mobile apps, along with security testers trying to verify the consistency and completeness of test results. 

Application security reduces risk, improves operational efficiency, increases trust between a business and its users, and addresses compliance requirements. Public security breaches and compliance violations severely tarnish a company’s reputation and cause potential users to be wary of trusting the organization’s services.

Centraleyes has integrated the detailed security requirements of OWASP MASVS and its eight categories into its platform, allowing companies to seamlessly run through the assessment process.

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Learn more about how to be compliant with OWASP MASVS

Centraleyes offers step-by-step guidance to fully comply with every relevant requirement of this standard through its next generation GRC platform. The platform provides a built-in MASVS questionnaire, empowering organizations to select their desired level of compliance and complete the relevant MASVS assessment.

The Centraleyes platform provides customized technical and non-technical reports, enabling everyone to see the full picture and track the progress, remaining risks and level of compliance to MASVS.

Using the Centraleyes platform, with its OWASP MASVS integration, results in huge saving of hundreds of hours and resources, more accurate and measurable data and peace of mind.

Learn more: https://www.centraleyes.com/owasp-masvs-standard/

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