Centraleyes Announces the addition of the UAE IA Compliance Regulation to its Framework Library

Centraleyes has recently announced the addition of the UAE IA compliance regulation to its expanding framework library.

The goal of the UAE IA Regulatory is to assist institutions within the UAE in following a uniform information security practice, ensuring the highest level of security and cyber compliance.

The regulation also ensures consistency among the entities adopting the framework. Compliance with this standard is required of all government agencies as well as any other ‘Critical’ entities, such as organizations that are part of the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI).

The integration of the UAE IA regulation with Centraleyes’s framework library allows organizations to adhere to this compliance requirements and reap a variety of benefits, including better protection of their information assets and the development of a security-conscious culture that can help them overcome emerging security threats.

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In order to achieve compliance with the UAE IA regulation, organizations must apply a lifecycle approach to information assurance, according to the UAE Information Assurance Regulation.

With the Centraleyes platform, organizations can receive complete visibility into their cyber risk and compliance levels, allowing them to easily apply the UAE IA compliance requirements. The platform simplifies the process of satisfying compliance by incorporating an integrated UAE IA questionnaire with an easy follow-up mechanism to assist, track and close vulnerable areas.

Using the Centraleyes platform, with its UAE IA integration, results in huge saving of hundreds of hours and resources, more accurate and measurable data and peace of mind.

Learn more: https://www.centraleyes.com/uae-ia/