Centraleyes Announces the Addition of the NIST 800-82 Framework to its Framework Library

Centraleyes is proud to announce the addition of the NIST 800-82 Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity Framework to its expanding framework library.

Centraleyes has mapped NIST 800-82 back to its control inventory, allowing to share data across multiple frameworks through the platform, which saves valuable time and resources and supports more accurate data.

Centraleyes simplifies the NIST 800-82 compliance process for companies protecting their Industrial Control Systems (ICS) by providing streamlined, automated data collection and analysis, prioritized remediation guidance, and real-time customized scoring. Using the Centraleyes platform, organizations gain complete insight into their cyber risk levels and compliance.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-82 offers detailed assistance regarding how to protect ICS that are commonly used in various industries such as electric, water, oil & natural gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, food & beverages, as well as discrete manufacturing (aerospace, automotive and durable goods) such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Distributed Control Systems (DCS), and other control system configurations such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

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The framework addresses the system’s specific performance, reliability, and security specifications, offers a summary of common system topologies, defines potential risks and weaknesses in such systems, and suggests cybersecurity measures to reduce the potential risks.

NIST 800-82 assists industries in reducing the vulnerability of computer-controlled platforms to cyber attacks, equipment breakdown, as well as other risks through offering advice on how to adapt traditional IT security controls to cater unique ICS performance, safety requirements and reliability.

Strengthening security in ICS systems is critical, especially since cyber attacks (such as DOS attacks, worms, viruses, etc.) have become very common and the risk has become very high. Noncompliance increases the chances for a cyber attack on an organization in these industries, which, in result, can suffer from severe financial, reputational and even physical damage.

With Centraleyes you can easily achieve and maintain compliance and save hundreds of hours of manual work. When managing multiple compliance, risk or privacy frameworks, using Centraleyes eliminates the majority of redundant activities making the entire process far more efficient.

Learn more: https://www.centraleyes.com/standards-nist-sp-800-82

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