Centraleyes Adds the Secure Controls Framework to its Expanding Framework Library

Centraleyes announces the addition of the Secure Controls Framework (SCF) to its expanding framework library.

The Secure Controls Framework is a comprehensive catalog of controls that enables companies to design, build and maintain secure processes, systems and applications. The SCF addresses both cybersecurity and privacy, so that these principles are designed to be built-in at the strategic, operational and tactical levels.

The concept of SCF is to have a meta-framework that addresses people, processes, technology and data (PPTD), which are the fundamental purpose of such controls. The framework currently incorporates over 1000 controls, is baselined across more than 150 regulations and standards, and is updated every few months.

The Centraleyes platform contains a built-in SCF questionnaire that allows organizations to automatically gather their Minimum Compliance Criteria (MCC) and Discretionary Security Requirements (DSR), evaluate them and detect gaps. Once the gaps have been detected, the platform will provide automated actionable remediation tasks using its AI risk engine, advising the cyber team on what they need to do.

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SCF is a long-term instrument to guarantee that security and privacy principles are appropriately conceived, implemented and maintained. SCF can be used to help with everything from strategic planning to tactical issues that affect the organization’s people, processes and technologies.

Using the Centraleyes platform, with the integrated SCF questionnaire, results in saving hundreds of hours of work and resources, more accurate and measurable data, and peace of mind.

Learn more: https://www.centraleyes.com/secure-controls-framework-scf/

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