You Haven’t Heard Of Groove Ransomware? Let’s Hope It Stays That Way

Not everyone was happy with the law enforcement’s take down of the REvil ransomware group last week. Groove ransomware took to the internet to unite fellow threat actors to attack US interests in retaliation for America’s bold actions against ransomware groups. The group seems to be based in Russia and has specifically warned against attacking China, with thoughts of taking refuge there in the future.

An infamous threat actor called “Orange” is believed to be a representative of the Groove group. He has been active on the darkweb pursuing the purchase of network access to U.S. hospitals and government agencies. 

CISA, FBI and the NSA are keeping a close eye on these groups and are undoubtedly on high alert. The U.S. will need to bolster their efforts by implementing strong security controls, mitigating risks, and taking a proactive approach to protect their interests.

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