Lightning Never Strikes Twice? Ransomware Does

Back in September, leading medical technology company Olympus was hit with a ransomware attack on its EMEA’s IT systems (Europe, Middle East and Africa). Ransomware notes found on impacted systems identified Blackmatter ransomware as the perpetrators.  

Now this week, in the cyber world’s worst deja vu scenario, Olympus were forced to take down their iT systems across the U.S., Canada, and Latin America again as they were struck a second time by ransomware. 

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“Upon detection of suspicious activity, we immediately mobilized a specialized response team including forensics experts, and we are currently working with the highest priority to resolve this issue,” Olympus says in a statement published today, two days after the attack.

This begs the question: If you’ve been hit by a cyber attack once, are you more likely to be hit again?

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