Cygov Announces Strategic Partnership with Top 200 MSSP Cybriant

Online PR News – 04-May-2020 – Tel Aviv – SaaS-based cyber risk platform provider CyGov announced today that it had agreed to a new partnership with Cybriant, which will see the CyGov platform utilized by Cybriant to complement its service offerings.

Cybriant has brought together a team of high-level technology and security service professionals, who design, build, operate, and monitor cyber risk management programs. They give mid-market to lower enterprise organizations the ability to deploy and afford the same cyber defense strategies and tactics as Fortune 100 companies. Cybriant was recently named as one of the Top 200 Managed Security Services Providers for the second year running.

As a partner, the CyGov platform will enhance this work. Utilizing the CyGov platform’s top-level integrated risk management capabilities, Cybriant’s offering will benefit from advantages including live threat intelligence and an automated dashboard providing a bird’s-eye view of an entire organization’s cyber risk posture. As a result, Cybriant will be better positioned to accurately and effectively analyze and assess cyber risks facing its clients.

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The CyGov platform offers a variety of solutions which will enhance Cybriant’s cyber risk assessments and ongoing management services. They include CyGov’s third-party risk management solution, to better understand threats from third-party suppliers and partners, which too often go undetected. CyGov’s internal risk and compliance management solution will help alleviate the costly consequences of non-compliance or a breach/attack. Meanwhile, CyGov’s board risk reporting solution will help Cybriant present such risks to clients’ executive teams in the clearest possible way.

CyGov CEO, Yair Solow said “We are delighted to have reached an agreement to partner with a leading strategic cybersecurity advisory such as Cybriant. In today’s uncertain environment, businesses can ill afford to become the costly victims of cyber attack. With the unavoidable proliferation of remote working, these risks are perhaps greater than ever. That is why it is crucial that like-minded companies such as CyGov and Cybriant work together towards the shared goal of minimizing cyber risk. I am delighted that the CyGov platform continues to be such a valuable resource in this effort.”

Cybriant Director of Strategic Services, Jason Hill said “We are very excited about this new partnership and the value it will bring to Cybriant customers. Cybriant actively seeks to adopt the best technologies to platform our services. With the CyGov Cyber Risk Management solution, Cybriant will be able to provide our customers greater visibility and actionable intelligence enhancing their effectiveness in managing cyber risk while reducing their complexity of managing compliance”

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