CyGov and HIC Network Security Announce a Strategic Resell Partnership

CyGov is proud to announce that HIC Network Security Solutions, The Network Security Reseller, has become a CyGov certified partner and reseller.

HIC Network Security Solutions, is a trusted advisor and reseller for hundreds of companies across the country with hubs in NYC, Boston, and Charlotte. HIC specializes soley in cybersecurity which allows them to not only share the value in well-established products, but new and emerging ones as well. By taking the approach of white glove customer service paired with extensive research and partnerships in the emerging Cybersecurity market, HIC is able to truly help customers vet out the best products for the short, and long term challenges they face, even as they evolve.

The CyGov platform brings top-level integrated risk management tools to HIC’s extensive Cybersecurity offering, allowing companies to accurately and effectively analyze and assess cyber risks and compliance posture. HIC is happy to have CyGov as a partner as they are solving a challenge seen in the market that is growing rapidly.

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CyGov’s platform consists of three full solutions including a vendor risk management solution which allows companies to better understand threats from third-party suppliers and partners, an area that often goes undetected. Meanwhile, CyGov also offers both an internal risk and compliance management solution and a board risk reporting solution, helping address the increased accountability expected of companies and their senior executives.

CyGov VP of Sales, Eric Moseman said, “This exciting partnership is a wonderful addition to a fast growing sales channel of partners, that will strengthening our presence in all verticals.

CyGov looks forward to growing our market share with HIC by combining their expertise and their ability to bring emerging tech to market with the power of the CYGOV Platform.”

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