Centraleyes Enhances its Framework Library with INCD Guidelines for Stronger Cyber Resilience

Centraleyes is strengthening its framework library with yet another risk guideline by the INCD.

The Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD) has issued a best practices framework, which supports organizations through their cyber risk management efforts. The guidelines outline recommendations for cyber defense strategies and encourage companies to use the INCD’s Cyber Defense Methodology to identify and assess cyber risks that can threaten their valuable assets, and have a proper cybersecurity program in place to efficiently protect their organization.

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The INCD’s guidelines also call out the issues that the organization should address and provide insight into the different cyber alert categories, as well as the necessary actions that need to be taken in order mitigate these risks and reduce the likelihood of a cyber crisis.

Centraleyes has incorporated these guidelines into its platform and mapped the controls back to its extensive control inventory, to streamline risk and compliance tasks while saving valuable time and resources.

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