Risk-Free Evaluation,
Worry-Free Onboarding

Quantifying risk in private equity doesn’t need to be difficult. Streamline and simplify risk management across your entire portfolio with Centraleyes.

Multi-Tenant Management

Assess and prioritize potential and current investments in seconds through a single, unified dashboard

Smarter Reporting

Easily generate cutting-edge visual reports to make more intelligent, strategic decisions when it comes to your investments

Efficient Evaluation

Streamline your portfolio’s risk management processes using automated workflows and automated smart mapping to multiple frameworks

The Challenge:
A Staggering, Uncertain Array of Risks

Cyber risk can be difficult to quantify in private equity when it comes to a diverse portfolio that spans across multiple industries.

With risk differing by industry and company, it can be challenging to assess your portfolio’s exposure to risk, as well as that of potential acquisition targets. Today, you need the right tools to effectively quantify, assess, and remediate risk at scale if you want to get the best ROI from your portfolio.

Centraleyes: Portfolio Risk Management Simplified

With Centraleyes, managing risk for your entire portfolio is simpler than ever.
As the world’s most advanced cloud-based risk management solution,
Centraleyes combines multi-tenancy, real-time threat intelligence, and comprehensive risk scoring into a single, centralized dashboard. Powered by cutting-edge automation, the platform optimizes, and streamlines your entire risk management process from beginning to end.

Centraleyes Features

The Centraleyes platform enables private equity firms to quantify, prioritize, and mitigate operational risks at scale, while providing more visibility into their portfolio’s risk exposure.

Centraleyes presents a next-gen solution that allows you to complete risk assessments efficiently, quantify and manage inherent and residual risk, and enhance the decision-making process through actionable insights, data benchmarking, and executive-level reporting.

Onboard New Companies In Minutes

Onboard New
Companies In Minutes

Onboard new companies in minutes by leveraging the platform’s 70+ pre-loaded frameworks and automation capabilities. Rapidly apply intuitive risk scoring across multiple frameworks to every third-party company in your portfolio.

Leverage a no-code deployment for ease of use across your portfolio

70+ Pre-loaded industry frameworks and standards

Quickly assess and score investment opportunities across multiple, relevant frameworks at scale

Automate And Orchestrate All The Manual Work

Centraleyes simplifies data collection and analysis. Save hundreds of hours and manage all of your assessments and reports for multiple third-parties via a cutting-edge, visual dashboard. Understand your investments risk posture in real-time, track progress, and minimize your exposure to risk with automatically generated remediation steps and insights.

Use Smart Questionnaires to map risk levels across multiple frameworks and industries

Empower potential investments and portfolio clients to reduce risk via automated remediation tasks

Leverage a cutting-edge visual dashboard that’s clear, easy to comprehend, and offers multiple layers of data

Simplify Executive Level Reporting

Save resources using automatically generated reports and tools that allow you to track progress over time. Maximize executive-level support with easily comprehensible reports that highlight cyber risk across your portfolio of companies and break it down into visual reports that represent your current state of affairs, so you can make informed decisions and get executive-level buy-in.

Automatically generate detailed reports into your investments and potential acquisitions

Convert technical risk into business risk showing empirical data trends

Cutting-edge visual dashboard, clear and easy to comprehend

Key Benefits

Single-Screen Portfolio Management

Simplified Compliance

A Portfolio-Wide Risk Register

Ask the Right Questions

Achieve More Accurate Valuations

Protect Your Portfolio
With Centraleyes

Risk management is one of the most difficult components of private equity — but it’s also among the most crucial. Contact us today and we’ll show you how Centraleyes can make risk management easier, more efficient, and more streamlined.

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