Take the Complexity Out of Cyber Risk & Advisory Programs

differentiate your insurance firm by seamlessly deploying a cyber risk advisory platform to support your cyber insurance clients using centraleyes.

Centraleyes reduces your client’s risk exposure and claims, gathers actionable insights, and provides them with tools to actively lower their risk and meet compliance.

Simplify Your Pathway
to Cyber Insurance & Advisory Services

Build a robust, scalable cyber risk management program with our data-driven, integrated platform. Automate your processes, reduce risk exposure, improve client onboarding and reduce overhead without the need for development or technical expertise. Empower clients to remediate risks, track their progress and quantify their security posture.

All-in-One Solution

Leverage the data and functionality you need to create a comprehensive cyber risk advisory service for your portfolio of clients

Seamless Onboarding

Onboard new clients in under 60 seconds through a multi-tenant management console built for Insurance companies


Automate the entire process and actively mitigate risk with powerful automated remediation tools


Automatically generate risk and compliance reports tailored for financial, business, and board-level reporting

What Can Centraleyes Do?

Implement and Onboard in Minutes

Onboard new clients in minutes and leverage the 70+ pre-loaded frameworks and automation capabilities included with Centraleyes. Rapidly apply intuitive risk scoring across multiple frameworks to all of your clients.

Onboard new clients and begin assessing in minutes

70+ Pre-loaded industry frameworks and standards

Multi-tenancy for team collaboration with full accountability

Integrate with existing security tools via dedicated APIs

Streamlined, intuitive toolset, with no learning curve

Configure platform in minutes to fit organization’s unique structure and needs

Full Support for Industry-Leading Frameworks

Work with the frameworks that are relevant to the industries you and your clients operate within. Centraleyes supports 50+ preloaded industry leading frameworks, simplifying risk management for insurance businesses, including:


Automate And Orchestrate Manual Tasks

Smart questionnaires: Answer once and comply across multiple frameworks

Automated AI-powered remediation center

Automated workflows and alerts

The only automated risk register in the world

Benchmarking tools to track progress over time

Real-time data and quantifiable metrics for precise insights

Simplify Executive-Level Reporting

Automatically generate reports, improve visibility and productivity

Convert technical risk into business risk showing empirical data trends

Cutting-edge visual dashboard, clear and easy to comprehend

Bring Your Insurance Agency
Into the Future With Centraleyes

Bring Your Insurance
Agency Into the Future
With Centraleyes

Contact us to see why Centraleyes is the go-to advisory risk management platform for insurance companies.

Discover how you can lower your cyber insurance portfolio exposure while launching competitive advisory services that turn cyber risk from a challenge into an opportunity.

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