Give Your Clients Access to the Next-Generation of GRC

Save hundreds of hours when it comes to gathering data, quantifying risk, and managing client risk with Centraleyes.

Multi-Tenant Management

Leverage a single, unified dashboard for streamlined, responsive management and enhanced visibility into
your entire clientele

Smarter Reporting

Generate cutting-edge visual reports and analytics to provide detailed insights into your client’s risk profile and empower more intelligent, strategic decisions

Evaluation at Scale

Manage your clients more efficiently and effectively through automated data collection, remediation planning, and smart mapping to multiple frameworks

The Challenge:
A New Era for Risk
Management Consulting

The threat landscape facing modern businesses becomes more complex by the day — and the demand for qualified, knowledgeable cyber risk consultants is higher than ever.

In a highly competitive market, however, expertise alone is not enough. You need access to a robust platform that enables you to measure, quantify, and manage client risk at scale. And that begins with a next-generation, fully-automated risk management solution like Centraleyes.

Centraleyes: Risk Management Advisory Services Simplified

As the world’s most advanced cloud-based risk management solution, Centraleyes is designed with consultants and advisory firms in mind. White-labeling is available right out of the box, and an advanced, centralized dashboard enables single-screen management of your entire customer base. Powered by cutting-edge technology, Centraleyes arms consultants with everything they need provide exceptional service.

Centraleyes Features

Onboard Any Client In Minutes

Onboard new clients in minutes and leverage the 70+ pre-loaded frameworks and automation capabilities included with Centraleyes. Rapidly apply intuitive risk scoring across multiple frameworks to all of your clients.

Save hundreds of hours onboarding new clients with a no-code deployment

70+ Pre-loaded industry frameworks and standards

Quickly assess and score clients across multiple, relevant frameworks at scale

Automate And Orchestrate Manual Tasks

Centraleyes simplifies data collection and analysis. Save hundreds of hours by managing all of your assessments and reports for multiple third-parties in one cutting-edge, visual dashboard. Understand your client’s risk posture in real-time, track progress, and minimize their exposure to risk with automatically generated remediation steps and insights.

Use Smart Questionnaires to map risk levels across multiple frameworks and industries

Ensure clients are continuously improving and empower clients with AI-powered remediation planning

Quantify, prioritize and mitigate portfolio risks by creating and managing risk profiles

Simplify Executive-Level Reporting

Save resources using automated analysis and report tools that allow you to track progress over time. Maximize executive-level support with easily comprehensible reports that highlight cyber for each client. Break data down into visual reports that represent a client’s current state of affairs, bring executives up to speed and streamline the decision making process.

Automatically generate highly-visual, detailed, and customizable reports for your clients

Convert technical risk into business risk with quantifiable metrics and industry benchmarks that show empirical data trends

Leverage a cutting-edge visual dashboard that’s clear, easy to comprehend, and offers multiple layers of data

Key Benefits

Single-Screen Client Management

A Powerful Value Add

Guided Compliance

Faster Assessments

Infinite Scale

Better Client Risk Management Starts
With Centraleyes

Empower your clients with an intuitive, comprehensive, and real-time window into their risk posture, and enrich your portfolio with the best white-label risk management solution on the market. Contact us today to learn more.

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