We are proud to collaborate with a wide array of partners:

Risk Consulting firms


System Integrators



We work with each partner to develop tailored solutions that help their clients automate and orchestrate their risk and compliance management programs more efficiently. 


Centraleyes platform, offers a multitude of opportunities for creating customized services such as:

  • Cutting-edge cyber risk and compliance dashboarding, presenting data that was collected in risk and compliance assessment processes

  • Initial deployment, data capture automation and risk correlation 

  • Integrations with adjacent security tools

  • Gap remediation processes

  • Demonstrate and enable consultative best practices for proactive risk management and framework assessments

  • Executive & Board of Directors reporting and high-level view - enable business risk conversation 

Advantages of Partnering with Centraleyes:

  • Oversee and manage client scorecards through a dedicated multi-tenant solution 

  • Differentiate your offerings by engaging with your clients through Centraleyes™, a risk management platform that automates and orchestrates cyber risk assessments across multiple use cases.   

  • Arm your client’s security leadership with empirical, quantitative data to demonstrate your company’s security posture and compliance readiness

  • Receive marketing & sales support to accelerate your sales efforts

  • Create a recurring revenue stream via our SaaS renewals and upsell

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Ready to automate and orchestrate your risk management?