Kenya, UAE, USA

Vergent Technology Solutions is a Managed Security Service Provider that focuses on delivering custom technology solutions. Vergent ensures efficiency through adopting a culture of continuous improvement introducing modern solutions to better understand and address challenges at hand.

The company adopts Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations ( AIOPs) which helps with faster decision making by enabling purely data driven, automated responses which eliminate human error and data noise.

Its machine learning and interval training detects operating anomalies and acts as an early warning system for business managers and IT operations, exposing business problems and providing fault isolation across applications, operating systems, infrastructure and cloud assets. Their solution uses targeted analytics to eliminate threats from adversaries and its comprehensive dashboards accurately identify, size, and prioritize cyberthreats for resolution.

The Centraleyes platform can save you hundreds of hours of manual work to lower your risk exposure and meet compliance:

What Partners Say About Centraleyes

What Partners Say
About Centraleyes

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