Automate and orchestrate cyber risk & compliance with the most advanced integrated risk management platform

Deploy and implement in days, with smart

surveys & questionnaires, live data feeds from security solutions and real-time intelligence 

Enhancing Ecosystems Across the Globe

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Trusted By Hundreds of Security and Risk Teams

Our Cyber Risk Management Platform

Centraleyes equips organizations with unparalleled tools to achieve and sustain cyber resilience in a rapidly changing world. Our solutions automate, centralize and visualize

risks - saving time and  resources so you can focus on what really matters: Business success.

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1st Party 

Internal risk & compliance, powered by automated workflows, questionnaires and smart data feeds

Risk & Compliance Frameworks

Centraleyes enables cyber risk teams to easily create and define frameworks to fit their specific needs, or choose from tens of pre-populated integrated risk and compliance frameworks. By mapping shared controls across frameworks, Centraleyes allows for a quicker, automated compliance process.


Centraleyes supports the top risk, compliance and data privacy frameworks, including:

Over 35 risk and compliance frameworks

Multiple Supported Industries

Centraleyes empowers enterprises operating in various industries that require compliance with information security and privacy regulations, such as:

Join The Centraleyes Partner Program

With Centraleyes, our partners enhance their offerings, differentiate their services
and avoid wasting time on repetitive, time-consuming tasks that are easily automated and streamlined 
by our platform.

Centraleyes enables our partners to allocate billable hours to their most productive activities, creating more value for clients and more revenue for their organization.

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What Experts Say About Centraleyes 


TJ Gonen

Head of Cloud Security Products,

Check Point Software 


In the last 10 years we’ve seen almost every technology segment disrupted in order to adapt to the speed and scale of modern IT. Centraleyes is uniquely positioned to do just that in the GRC space


Nadav Shatz

Director of Cyber Advisory,

Orange Cyberdefense

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With Centraleyes it feels natural to manage your cyber risk and compliance levels, visualize

them and even present them in a live environment


Oleg Movchan

G.T. Ventures 

Managing Partner

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Centraleyes has built a very unique platform and set of capabilities, that should be an integral part of any CISO and CRO’s daily toolset to identify, measure and manage cyber risk and compliance