ICCMI-2024 International Conference on Cybersecurity and Machine Intelligence 2024

Location: Kantabada, India
Date: January 16, 2024
Venue: To be confirmed (TBC)
Organizer: I.I.M.T. Bhubaneswar

The International Conference on Cybersecurity and Machine Intelligence (ICCMI) stands as a pivotal initiative to confront the escalating menace of cyberattacks. By assembling leading authorities in the domains of cybersecurity and machine intelligence, ICCMI addresses a pressing issue that has witnessed a substantial surge over the past few decades. ICCMI serves as a platform where experts converge to explore innovative solutions, share insights, and foster collaborations, all with the overarching goal of fortifying our collective defenses against this relentless and dynamic adversary. Through collaborative efforts and cutting-edge technologies, ICCMI seeks to chart a course towards a more secure digital future.

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