Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Europe 2023

Location: Prague, Czechia
Date: October 3, 2023
Venue: The Ministry of Trade & Industry Building
Organizer: Torch Marketing

Bringing together key stakeholders from various sectors, including industry, operators, agencies, and governments, Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Europe aims to foster collaboration in securing Europe. This conference builds upon previous events by enhancing understanding of the challenges and threats, facilitating the development of frameworks, effective risk management, strategic planning, and implementation.

A significant topic of discussion will revolve around the EU cybersecurity rules, which were initially introduced in 2016 and subsequently updated by the NIS2 Directive that took effect in 2023. These updates modernize the existing legal framework to align with the escalating digitization and evolving cybersecurity landscape. By expanding the scope of the cybersecurity rules to encompass new sectors and entities, they enhance the resilience and incident response capabilities of public and private entities, competent authorities, and the European Union as a whole.

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