The CyGov Partner Program includes strategic partners whose offerings extend the capabilities of CyGov’s products and services.

About CyGov:

CyGov is an internationally respected cyber technology company that has developed the world’s most advanced cyber risk management platform to address today’s ever growing global cyber threat. CyGov has created a benchmarking and grading system which sets a cyber posture and maturity baseline and allows clients to track and improve cyber defenses in a clear and measurable way while in parallel addressing privacy and cyber compliance requirements.

CyGov’s Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Platform simplifies the risk management lifecycle by streamlining data collection, automating scoring and weighting analysis using a proprietary risk engine, creating automated remediation tickets and visualizing all the results in a powerful management dashboard. Our dedicated remediation center combined with our real time threat intelligence allows organizations to understand immediately what they need to do in order to improve their risk posture and compliance. This real time continuous risk management solution moves organizations from a static snapshot to dynamic living breathing risk management program.

Our multitenant solution provides consultants and service providers with the ability to manage independent risk assessments and ongoing risk management for multiple clients simultaneously from one centralized dashboard. The distribution of surveys and data collection can be done with many companies at a single given point, using automated workflows to streamline the collection and analysis of the information. Once gaps are identified, clients will be able to oversee their gaps and remediation steps in order to improve their risk posture and manage it over time.


Internal Risk Management Solution

Centraleyes enables cyber risk teams to manage all of their assessments and reports across multiple environments, groups and locations in one centralized and comprehensive platform. The platform provides pre-populated, easy-to-manage questionnaires and surveys, integrations into security tools and external threat intelligence and data feeds. Centraleyes enables simple distribution and collection of all necessary data, while automatically analyzing results using the most advanced risk methodologies that exist. Cyber risk teams can easily create and define frameworks to fit their specific needs or choose from tens of pre-populated integrated risk and compliance frameworks such as NIST, ISO 27001, PCI, FFIEC, HIPAA, GLBA and more. The platform’s advanced infrastructure allows for maximum flexibility in configuration, cutting down deployment and implementation times by as much as 90%.

Vendor Risk Solution

Centraleyes includes a unique third-party risk management solution that enables organizations to continuously assess and manage all of their vendors in one centralized dashboard. Automated workflows and data feeds combine for the only hybrid vendor risk solution to streamline the collection and analysis of data. This solution enables cyber risk teams to easily send sur veys to multiple vendors at once, while automatically collecting real-time threat intelligence. Alerts and advanced dashboards ensure that the cyber risk team is immediately made aware of any security gaps in a vendor ’s assessment, allowing for faster and more efficient remediation.

Board Risk Solution

Centraleyes has revolutionized the world of cyber risk reporting by providing a comprehensive, integrated platform designed to help organizations achieve smarter strategic decision making. Cyber risk teams can automate over 50% of their data collection and analysis work, while automatically generating compelling, visual, and easy to understand reports. Centraleyes includes financial risk quantification of critical assets for improved budget allocation and prioritization of remediation actions. With Centraleyes, board members and executive teams can have more productive and meaningful conversations, based on critical insights and reports that provide clarity where there was once confusion.

Becoming a CyGov Partner:

Joining CyGov’s Partner Program helps partners bring an added and unique value to their client engagements. Clients are investing in risk and compliance assessments, but partners are not utilizing tools that centralize the data and empower the client to remediate and improve their risk posture and compliance over time.

Key benefits to partner:

  • A unique client facing platform that offers ongoing risk management

  • Streamline and automate the client engagement from data collection to analysis through remediation

  • Manage internal workflows more efficiently

  • Set the stage for upsell opportunities

  • Create real stickiness with clients for long lasting relationships

CyGov Partner Requirements

  • NDA

  • Partner Agreement

  • Company Background Check

  • Initial Partner Training

  • Ongoing Partner Updates and Training

CyGov Resources and Education​

CyGov Partners will have access to showcase resources, including marketing materials, demos, training videos, manuals and support resources.

CyGov / Partner Collaboration

Partner will be asked to register opportunities before pursuing them in order to avoid conflicts with other sales channels. Partners have a 30-day lock on all approved and registered opportunities. If Partner shows material progress with the opportunity, the lock will be extended to 6 months.

Support Policy

The following support policy pertains to all CyGov Partners unless agreed upon differently in the partner agreement.

As part of the certification process, Partner will be trained to offer initial support to their Partner Clients on similar timelines and terms and conditions as included in the CyGov Support Services schedule, taking into consideration whether it anticipates a necessity for CyGov’s services. If a Partner Client has a support issue with the CyGov Platform that cannot be handled by the partner alone, the partner and CyGov will each make commercially reasonable efforts to troubleshoot the issue or issues the customer identifies to determine if the source of the problem is related to the partner’s offerings or a CyGov product.

If the partner’s technical support organization reasonably determines that the source of the problem arises from CyGov’s products, CyGov will provide the Partner with Support Services as provided in the Support Services schedule in order to resolve the Partner Client’s problem. The response and resolutions times set forth in the Support Services schedule relate to timelines for the provision of services by CyGov to Partner. Partner will take this into account in establishing its own response times for the provision of support services to its customers.

If the CyGov technical support reasonably determines the source of the problem arises from the Partner’s services or products, the Partner will be fully responsible for resolving the Partner Client’s inquiry.

If an issue needs joint troubleshooting, CyGov and the Partner both commit to make every reasonable effort to resolve the Partner Client’s issue as quickly as possible.

Logo Usage and Brand Guidelines

Please note that partners need CyGov’s written approval for all publicity concerning CyGov, including but not limited to any marketing statements or sales materials, regardless of digital print, online, or social media formats. All use of any product, service, logo, or company name is subject to prior written approval and trademark usage guidelines. Please send requests to [email protected].

Program Guidelines

CyGov reserves the right to modify the program guidelines described herein at any time and at its sole discretion.

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