COBIT is an IT management framework developed by the ISACA global benchmarking association to help develop, organize and implement strategies around information management and governance. It allows enterprises to align existing controls with a variety of other standards and regulatory compliance requirements.


COBIT 5 is used globally by those who have the primary responsibility for business processes

and technology, and for providing quality, reliability and control of information and related technology (IT). 


COBIT 5 is based on five principles that are essential for the effective management and governance of enterprise IT. Combined, these principles enable organizations to build holistic frameworks.

  1.   Meeting stakeholder needs

  2.   Covering user enterprises from end to end

  3.   Applying a single integrated framework

  4.   Enabling a holistic approach

  5.   Separating governance from management

COBIT 5 lists seven ‘enablers’ to help implement these principles: People, policies and frameworks; Processes; Organizational structures; Culture, ethics and behavior; Information; Services, infrastructure and applications; People, skills and competencies.


Centraleyes delivers streamlined, automated data collection and analysis, prioritized remediation guidance and real-time customized scoring to meet COBIT 5. Centraleyes has mapped COBIT 5 back to its control inventory allowing to share data across multiple frameworks through the platform, which creates time savings, money savings and more accurate data. Through the Centraleyes platform organizations can gain full visibility to their cyber risk levels and compliance.