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Flash Webinar: Supply Chain, 3rd-Party Vendors and the Silent Assassin Among Them

Across the different industries, organizations are affected by the growing number of cyber attacks. The increased use of third-party vendors who help streamline operations and services supporting the business is amplifying its vulnerability to such attacks. Each vendor poses a potential risk that can lead to hackers gaining access to sensitive data and systems.

A fundamental part of cyber defense is understanding, quantifying, and mitigating this third-party risk. In this Flash Webinar, Centraleyes CEO and Founder, Yair Solow, hosted two special guest speakers: Omer Pinsker, CEO of OP Innovate, and Nadav Shatz , Director of Advisory and Architecture at Orange Cyberdefense to discuss these critical points and provide some valuable solutions.

Watch this webinar to get impactful insights about how to ensure your supply chain is safe and your vendors do not pose a threat.

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