Cyber Risk Management in Healthcare

Keep your cyber risk management process as healthy as your patients.

Healthcare institutions have become more agile and efficient—migrating digital assets to the cloud, adopting hybrid IT strategies and using third-party services for patient records, medical tests, billing and reimbursements. This makes them better—but also more vulnerable to mistakes, data breaches and ransom attacks.


Combine and simplify your HIPAA compliance and your cyber risk management with the Centraleyes IRM platform.

Automation and visualization

Streamline and automate the gathering of cyber risk data from all healthcare stakeholders, while advanced algorithms analyze HIPAA compliance and cyber risk.

Prioritized remediation

Speed up your gap remediation with an automated, prioritized cyber risk remediation task list that is suitable for healthcare organizations of every size.

Customized scoring

Protect patient confidentiality and your healthcare organization’s cyber security with customized cyber risk scoring that is always up to date