How Centraleyes Simplifies

Cyber Risk Management in Defense

Defending the defenders—that’s what Centraleyes does. It’s a risk remediation platform so integrated and user-friendly that briefing top-ranked military officers leads to shared understanding of cyber risk posture—and a safer nation. 

Defense bodies at every level of responsibility need Centraleyes platform. It is the most automated, integrated cyber risk and compliance management platform for RMF assessments, improved gap remediation, and ongoing cyber risk and compliance management. Our platform can pull information from various collection and analysis platforms to provide one single view of their compliance.

If you are manually trying to meet the DoD's requirement to identify, implement, assess and manage cyber security capabilities and services, Centraleyes is a perfect fit for you.

Automation and visualization

Defense entities benefit from automated, streamlined cyber risk data collection, analysis and remediation.

Prioritized remediation

Ease compliance management and advance cyber risk readiness in all public sector organizations with Centraleyes.

Customized scoring

Empower your department with customized cyber risk and compliance scoring that is always up to date.