3rd Party Risk Management

Empower vendor risk management with our powerful platform that automates and oversees your evolving vendor risk. The platform’s state of the art automated on-boarding module supports a new and existing vendor risk program at scale 

3rd Party Risk Management Challenge


Organizations try to oversee their vendor risk programs using manual spreadsheets or limited independent tools. Your vendors pose a potential risk to your organization, but managing that risk effectively without the help of an intuitive, smart and automated platform is nearly impossible, especially when you pass the threshold of 20 vendors. Threats continue to grow, and the need for a great solution is very much needed. 

3rd Party Risk Management Solution


Centraleyes delivers a SaaS-based vendor risk management platform that empowers organizations to onboard and manage hundreds or thousands of vendors in one centralized smart interface. Onboard vendors at scale using the platform's automated workflows, smart questionnaires and remediation planner. Monitor breaches and other external threats facing your vendors with an intelligence  tool that scans and alerts you in real time when a new potential risk has been identified. 

Automated 3rd Party Risk Management
Manage multiple vendors

Manage multiple vendors (whether tens or hundreds) from one centralized interface

Categorize and compare vendors

Categorize and compare vendors against a clear and objective scoring system


Monitor both the public and

“dark” web in real time and receive alerts for threats or breaches