1st Party - Internal Risk and Compliance


Empower cyber risk and compliance management with one powerful platform that helps automate the entire lifecycle starting with collection and following through to analysis and remediation. 

Internal Risk and Compliance Challenge


Organizations are trying to collect, analyze, quantify and remediate cyber risks using people and insufficient tools such as spreadsheets and GRC platforms. As threats continue to grow in both frequency and complexity, the regulatory environment becomes intensely demanding.

Internal Risk and Compliance Solution


Centraleyes delivers a cloud - based cyber risk management platform that empowers organizations to understand their cyber risks and how best to manage them.  Our solution simplifies the entire lifecycle, while providing an innovative visualization approach to overseeing security utilizing integrated live threat intelligence.

Cyber Risk Management Platform
Cyber Risk Management Platform
Smart Questionnaires

Smart questionnaires featuring automated workflows and

due-date reminders

Cutting-edge Cyber Risk Management Dashboard

Cutting-edge dashboard with quantifiable risk tools for tracking and comparing progress over time

Automated Remediation Planner

Automated remediation planner that identifies gaps and produces actionable remediation tickets